The STAR® Culture Awards recognise the commitment made by organisations to fostering an inclusive and collaborative culture, built around utilising the STAR® model to embed an Operational Coaching® approach to management.

STAR® Culture Awards

Silver Award

Gold Award

What are the awards?

Bronze Award

Undertaken a STAR® programme and supported it across a meaningful group of managers within the organisation.

  • Senior Level Sponsorship
  • Champions in place
  • Good Internal Communications
  • Positive Organisational Results

Silver Award

The Silver level award acknowledges the commitment to successfully broaden the audience undertaking a STAR® programme.

  • A higher percentage of managers have undertaken the programme
  • Bright Shadows are recognisable and good news is shared
  • There is an acknowledged change happening in the culture of the organisation
  • Leadership are committed to sustaining an inclusive and collaborative culture

Gold Award

Recognises the commitment to embedding a sustainable coaching culture supported by the appropriate infrastructure to maintain the gains in performance, inclusion and collaboration that have been achieved across the organisation.

  • A high percentage of managers have undertaken the programme
  • Metrics for the culture are included in leadership reporting
  • There is an established commitment to training new managers to use the STAR® model to help them develop an Operational Coaching® style of management
  • A cadre of Internal Coaches have been trained and have been charged with responsibility for maintaining cultural momentum
  • There is a CPD and Supervision programme in place to support the development of Internal Coaches
  • There is a Leadership commitment to a culture of Continuous Performance Improvement
  • Exceptional STAR® Managers are invited to join the ranks of Internal Coaches to sustain the Coaching Culture
  • There is a defined role and responsibility for the management of the internal coaching function and its role in supporting the sustainability Coaching Culture

STAR® Culture Award Winners

2021 Winners:

Bronze Award winners

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Digital badges and physical awards presented to all winners. Look out for individual case studies coming soon.