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Note; all of our programmes come with either international Certifications or UK Ofqual qualifications.

STAR® Coach

Duration: 3-months

Focuses on developing you and your management style to incorporate coaching-related behaviours into all your everyday conversations… resulting in higher engagement and performance from your team and those around you.

STAR® Manager

Duration: 6-months

Includes STAR® Coach, and further develops your skills to enable you to proactively develop your team… in their 1-to-1s and via direct feedback.

Optional additional element...

Practitioner Sessions

Duration: 90-minutes

Live zoom sessions scheduled at a time to suit you. You’ll work in a small group of just 2-3 other learners and a world-class tutor that allows you to practise your new skills, gain written and verbal feedback and share best practice.

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What's Included STAR® Coach STAR® Coach Practitioner STAR® Manager STAR® Manager Practitioner

STAR® Coach: 10 interactive modules covering Notion's STAR® model, active listening and asking insightful questions. The programme transforms your approach as a manager and leader and embeds an Operational Coaching® style of management

STAR® Coach Practitioner: an opportunity to practise your skills in a 90-minute LIVE session with 2-3 other learners and a Notion Tutor

STAR® Manager: an additional 10 interactive modules focussed on proactive team development including goal setting, giving feedback, handling difficult and challenging conversations and 1-to-1s

STAR® Manager Practitioner: a second opportunity to practise your skills in a 90-minute LIVE session with 2-3 other learners and a Notion Tutor focusing on the content covered in modules 11-20.

Workplace Missions and Learning Log Reflection Exercises to embed your learning from the interactive modules

Programme PDF Toolkit that you can download and keep for future reference

Programme Assessments to check your understanding of the modules

Programme Success Tracker where you'll track all the successes you achieve through changing your style

Programme Resource Area with extra material to support your learning journey

Regular email notifications tracking progress, signposting useful resources and sharing programme highlights

Fortnightly Live Learning Stations with a Notion Tutor these are fun interactive group sessions with breakout rooms, an opportunity to meet fellow learners, share best practice and ask any questions you have as you work through the programme

Access to a STAR® Forum where you can interact with other learners

Mission Control; a team dedicated to supporting your success. Available via phone and email for unlimited programme support

Credly Badge on programme completion you will receive a credly badge that can be used on LinkedIn, email footers and your CV.

Help and FAQs

Qualifications: OFQUAL qualifications for UK learners, and global Certification for international learners

Level 3 Award Level 3 Award Level 4 Certificate Level 5 Certificate
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