What's the Investment?

That’s the million dollar question…except it’s not a million dollars! In fact it’s a lot less than that and STAR® Manager can almost certainly drive significantly more value than a million dollars for your organisation if you take it seriously and offer this programme to all your leaders and line managers.

In fact, for smaller cohorts, it’s significantly less expensive per head than our live programmes that cover the same material. For larger numbers the investment per head drops dramatically to make it ridiculously affordable so that there is no reason not to offer this groundbreaking STAR® programme to all your line managers.

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Many organisations offer a range of excellent development programmes for their managers. They may be lunchtime sessions, half day workshops or full day events. Some organisations also offer senior leaders residential programmes.

The cost of these options adds up. If you were being brutally honest with yourself do you have a measurable return on investment for each and every training opportunity you offer? What would it be like to have clear Return on Investment reports created for you by a team dedicated to your success?


STAR® Manager is more cost-effective than its equivalent workshop-based programme. Whilst it works well for smaller groups of 50 managers, it has been designed to make it cost effective to offer the programme to all your managers. The more managers you offer the programme to, the more the cost per head decreases. Move the slider to see the impact and then get in touch so that we can share the specific options for your organisation.

50 Employees 100,000 Employees
Cost Saving58%

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What Do You Get With Your Investment?

STAR® Manager is a fully supported development programme and not bits of ad hoc e-learning stuck together. Therefore, in addition to the excellent content you'll also get full programme management support with our dedicated Client Success Team.

Their mission is your success.

Detailed below are the elements included within the programme.

STAR® Manager: 20 modules of interactive content containing a blend of 18 different learning activity types.

STAR® Manager Practitioner: Embed and practise your new skills in a 90-minute Learning Circle with a Notion Tutor

Workplace Missions and Learning Log Reflection exercises

Programme PDF Toolkit

A number of different recorded Programme Assessments

Programme Success Tracker

Fortnightly Live Learning Stations Q&A Support Session with a Notion Tutor (optional)

Access to the STAR® Programme Forum


For added flexibility you can buy STAR® Manager by purchasing unlimited licences or by buying blocks of seats on the programme. We will always work with you to show you the most cost effective way of offering this programme to your managers.


Unlimited licences are available for larger organisations who have more than 1000 managers in the organisation.

Licences are available.

The investment is based on the total company size and bracketed into Business, Corporate, Enterprise and Large Enterprise.

Please get in touch with your organisation’s size and we can give you a quote.


For smaller organisations or for organisations that want to use the programme for specific initiatives or for specific groups of managers, the programme can be bought in blocks of seats.

Seats are available in 50, 200, 500 and 1000 blocks. The Practitioner modules are also bought in blocks of seats.

Please get in touch to discuss your objectives and we can help you identify the best way to introduce STAR® into your organisation.

Which budget?

STAR® Manager isn’t just a coaching programme, it can support management and leadership development right across your organisation and across many of your strategic and operational initiatives. As a result, if required, the investment can be split across a number of budgets. Here are just some examples…


Here are just a few ROI examples from Notion’s STAR® programmes


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