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Every fortnight one of Notion’s expert Tutors hosts an hour-long Q&A session that anyone on the STAR® programme can attend. It is a great opportunity for learners to ask any questions that they have (be that about the programme content or how to apply it) and hear others’ questions too. Learners can attend as many Live Learning Stations as they wish over the duration of their programme.
A Learning Circle is a 90-minute, interactive video conference with up to 3 other learners and supervised by an expert Notion Tutor. The Learning Circles provide the opportunity for learners to discuss, share insights and then practise some of the tools that they have learned by coaching the other participants and receiving feedback from their Notion Tutor.
If you ‘Request a Demo’ you will be given access to the demo programme, Exploring STAR® Manager, for 2 weeks. The demo programme contains a look inside the programme, videos showing how many of the programme’s interactive features work and a video case study. The Notion team will be delighted to work with you to provide you with all of the information that you need in order to make a purchase decision.
The standard license length is 12 months from the date of login details being issued. During the 12-month period, your organisation’s learners will have full access to the STAR® programme, including Live Learning Stations.

We recommend that learners aim to spend 45-minutes to 1-hour per week working on the programme. This time can be divided across a number of activities, such as completing the eLearning modules, carrying out other programme activities, completing workplace Missions and reflecting on their performance in their Learning Log. This will allow a learner to complete the full STAR® Manager Practitioner programme in 4-5 months.

Absolutely! The STAR® programme will provide you with great new tools to improve the engagement and motivation of your team members by using an ‘enquiry-led’ approach. You may find that the first ten modules that make up STAR® Coach are directly applicable to you, but there are also modules in STAR® Manager, such as Handling Challenging Conversations and Giving Great Feedback that will also be helpful in your role.

Completing the entire programme will undoubtedly give you a comprehensive set of practical skills to change your management style and to be able to support the development of others. Depending on your role and your objectives, you may also achieve transformative results from taking just the first set of 10 modules that make up STAR® Coach. The programme gives you complete flexibility and a number of options to choose the journey that your learners complete.
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