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STAR® Manager is a multi-award-winning blended & fully virtual management development programme that's been proven by London School of Economics and the UK Government to transform management behaviour and management skills in as little as 6 months.

The programme is for all leaders and managers, to maximise their people management skills for long-term, sustained performance improvement. It’s based around Notion’s unique STAR® Model that has an outstanding track record of delivering embedded behavioural change and outstanding commercial results. STAR® Manager will transform managers, their teams and your organisation.

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Real benefits from real clients

The constant application of ‘coaching-related behaviours’ is the magic combination needed to really unlock management capability. The STAR® programme is the key to the lock.

It is proven to be a highly effective way of developing individual and organisational performance. Here are just a few of the benefits it constantly delivers:

Helps managers get the most from their teams

Boosts employee engagement

Increases retention

Develops high performing workplaces

Builds personal and organisational resilience

Drives commercial performance


This is not an e-learning programme. It’s a fabulous, exciting and engaging journey that really increases managers’ capabilities… and it’s also a lot of fun. One way this is achieved is by incorporating a wide range of activities across the blend.

There is a quiz every 3-4 modules to check understanding and provide some guidance ahead of each assessment.

There are 18 different activities across the programme blend, here are just 10 examples. Click on each icon to learn more

It’s designed for any time,
any place and any device!

As long as Managers have an internet connection, they can complete the programme. They work through the programme, at their own pace… in a ‘cohort size’ of one, or in a predefined cohort of any size of peers or even as part of an ‘open programme’ joined by other organisations.

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Here are just a few of the comments learners are making about the STAR® programme

Meet the world’s best TUTORS

One of the challenges of moving from a successful workshop based programme to a fully virtual one was figuring out how to achieve the same results without the presence of the world’s best tutors who lead all our programmes.
So we found a way of incorporating their amazing expertise into the STAR® programme. Every module has at least one dynamic and fun master-class… and of course you can also meet them, via video conference, by joining a Live Learning Station and the Learning Circles.


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