Case Study



  • Z-Tech Control Systems provides specialist Electrical, Control and Instrumentation services for Water Utilities, Power, and Rail.
  • Founded in 2000, they have enjoyed successive growth year-on-year. Their creativity and desire to fix things has provided them the opportunity to work with a large number of blue chip clients.


  • Z-Tech’s goal is to grow by nurturing, developing and engaging its people.
  • This was the driver behind them having their managers partake in the award-winning STAR® Manager programme.
RESULT: Commercial Benefits Reported in Excess of 13 times ROI
RESULT: Higher Levels of Collaboration and Team Work
RESULT: Better Engagement Online and In-Person
RESULT: Inspiration and Motivation During Complex and Changeable Times
RESULT: Capability to Learn with No Downtime
RESULT: Contribution to Strong Financial Performance
RESULT: Achieved the Bronze Level STAR® Culture Award

What I'd say to other managers if they’re thinking of doing this programme is that it’s really easy to deliver, they can fit it around their work commitments and it will give them a tool box which will help them in everyday life and work.

Luke Stanbridge, Commercial Director at Z-Tech


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A programme that's fitted in with the way we actually operate.
A Lightbulb Moment!
No Major Time Commitments!
Managers are able to collaborate more together.
A toolbox that will help them in everyday life and work.


Z-Tech chose the STAR® Manager programme to help them meet their goals.

The STAR® Manager programme is a 100% virtual and fully blended management development programme.

It was designed for all leaders and managers to maximise their potential to deliver long-term, sustained performance improvement for themselves, their colleagues and the organisation as a whole, through the adoption of an Operational Coaching® approach to leadership.

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What were the key drivers for developing your managers?

A New Way to Build Capability

Before embarking on the STAR® Manager programme, Z-Tech’s training focus was mostly focused on gaining professional qualifications and regulatory training. But as their managers progressed through the company, they noticed an opportunity to develop their managers in a brand new way which would drive higher levels of engagement.

This was the first time we'd been able to have a programme that fitted in with the way we actually operate, where managers are able to learn in their own time and without any major pressure.

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What were the features that attracted you to the STAR® Manager programme?

Bite Sized Learning for Busy Managers

Unlike more traditional management training programmes, STAR® Manager uses a 100% virtual and fully blended approach and can be completed anytime and anywhere in bite sized chunks, without any downtime, making it perfect for the busy manager.

Our managers are all busy people so there isn't really an opportunity for them to go away and learn in a university style environment but because STAR® Manager was all in small bite size chunks they were able to mix that in with what they were doing. There was no major time commitment.

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What has changed at Z-Tech as a result of having your team participate in the STAR® Manager Programme?

Improving Collaboration

Since doing the STAR® Manager programme, Z-Tech reports that the management team are able to collaborate more. Going through the programme together has helped them develop a mutual understanding of what’s involved in adopting an Operational Coaching® approach which has resulted in them starting to work more closely with each other and with their teams. 

The STAR® Manager programme has really helped give our managers the fundamentals of how to engage with their teams. This really helped during Covid as well as when they were having their team meetings over Skype. Being able to engage with their teams in that format was really good.

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What has been the immediate benefits of these changes?

Pausing Under Pressure

The STAR® Manager programme teaches learners how to adopt an Enquiry-Led Approach (ELA®) to leadership which can transform what happens, even in intense and pressurised operational settings. 

In the heat of the moment we make decisions really quickly but when our managers use STAR® to help them step-back and pause, they are able to get the most out of their colleagues. One manager said it was a light bulb moment! This was a really interesting outcome and an immediate benefit.

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What commercial impact did the Programme have?

Commercial Results

Throughout the programme, 20 managers at Z-Tech captured their reflections and successes as a direct consequence of their participation in the programme. They reported commercial benefits in excess of 13 times ROI.

Our profit is going to be roughly 3x what it was last year which is pretty amazing. I think this programme really helped to engage people and has definitely helped towards our financial performance this year.

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Here are just a few of the immediate benefits reported by Z-Tech:

  • Commercial benefits in excess of 13 times ROI
  • Higher levels of collaboration and team work
  • A better way for managers to engage with teams in person and online
  • Inspiration and extra motivation during highly complex and changeable times
  • Capability to learn with no downtime
  • Contribution to strong financial performance
  • Achieved the bronze level STAR® Culture Award


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