Still Working From Home? Why not get a Coaching and Management Qualification Without the Hard Work?

Are you one of the millions of people who are still doing your day job directly from home?  It’s a new paradigm that’s set to continue as organisations adopt a hybrid of working practices while they establish a ‘new normal’.

Working from home, for many people, will be unfamiliar territory complicated to some degree by a lack of space and family responsibilities, but there are some clear advantages too.

No more commutes

The average worker commutes to and from work five days a week, 45 weeks a year. Rail commuters face the longest journeys, taking an average of 2 hours and 11 minutes every day while drivers spend 52 minutes on the road travelling. Not many people will miss the stresses associated with commuting to and from work; instead, they can experience the pleasure of starting their day in a much more positive way which could open up new windows of opportunity.


Get your time back

Working from home (whether full-time or as part of a new or hybrid working practice) means you can reclaim unproductive time spent travelling to work, doing the school run, or commuting between meetings. You may also find that you can flex your working hours to more closely suit your personal circumstances: starting earlier, working in the evenings or spreading yourself over a much longer period of time. These changes in your schedule will expose pockets of time that you can use to invest in other parts of your life.

So how will you use the time you get back? 


Invest in your personal development

If you’ve been hankering after your next career move this might be the perfect time for you to invest in your personal development in order to build the types of skills that you need to be a better manager or leader and to get yourself noticed.


Transform your management capabilities around your schedule

Notion’s 100% virtual award-winning STAR® Manager programme can help you achieve your career goals by giving you brand new skills that will transform your capabilities as a manager and make you indispensable to your employer.

The programme uses robust technology to enable you to learn these new skills anytime and anywhere via any device, so you can work through it at home, in bite-sized chunks, that you can easily fit around your new schedule.

STAR® Manager’s strong focus on helping you to acquire Operational Coaching® skills will help you to make huge strides forward in how effectively you communicate and collaborate with other people which will generate far higher levels of engagement and contribution, even remotely.


Deliver results that get you noticed

In fact, STAR® builds strengths in more than 16 key management areas and because you’ll be completing fully bespoke work-related missions right from the outset, you will be able to start making a noticeable difference straight away.

What’s more, STAR® programmes are proven to deliver commercial value of between 5 and 100 times ROI. In fact, did you know that our STAR® programmes have delivered a 33 X ROI despite the current climate? That’s because STAR® focuses on generating sustainable behaviour change that gets results.

When you too start delivering results like these you’ll soon discover that you’re first in line for key promotions and career opportunities. 


Have fun gaining a serious management qualification without the hard work

Becoming a STAR® Manager is a career opportunity you can’t afford to miss because in just a few short months, while you’re working from home, you can complete this fun and engaging online programme and achieve a highly recognised management qualification (up to a Level 5) without the hard work. This could be just what you need to achieve your career goals, so make sure you use your time wisely and get a coaching and management qualification that can transform your career.

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