Don’t let the Coronavirus Speed Up the Downfall of L&D

Last year we shared with you an article responding to the question: Are L&D Teams at Risk of Extinction? 

We couldn’t possibly have predicted the sheer scale of disruption caused by the Coronavirus but we were, even then, convinced that L&D had to reinvent themselves to stay relevant if they were to continue to contribute to the success of the organisations they work for.

The 2019 Towards Maturity report had made it very clear that the skills L&D were relying on were significantly different to the skills they would need in the future, primarily because of the increased use of learning technologies anticipated over the next five years.

We didn’t need to wait that long. The Coronavirus has changed everything. With the world in lockdown, technology has been pushed to the front and centre of everything we do and that includes the way we learn.

The consequences of the Coronavirus is one example of where change has outpaced our ability to learn. Whilst some of you in L&D may have been making incremental changes to the way you work it would be quite unreasonable to expect you to suddenly develop a whole new skill set overnight.

In such a turbulent situation, could anyone really expect you to keep up with the huge advances being made by dedicated experts in learning technology who already use increasingly sophisticated, thoroughly researched and tested blends of learning theory and cognitive psychology? 

Even if you could, what would that mean for L&D? Because, if you’re neck-deep in technical design who is left to bang the drum for learning in the workplace?

So what can you do to reinvent yourself quickly?

If you’re not already a technological whiz kid, don’t scramble about trying to push your triangular self through a square hole because it won’t be the L&D teams who get sidetracked playing with the latest technology that stands the test of time; it will be the ones that have the skills and capabilities they need to facilitate a learning revolution. This is where you can find your new raison d’etre.

When you tailor your response to the Coronavirus crisis, show your confidence, modernity and agility by outsourcing the technical aspect of delivery. By selecting products such as Notion’s revolutionary and award-winning STAR®Manager programme, you can deliver a world-class, 100% virtual, fully blended, out of the box management development solution that can be implemented tomorrow, and comes with Level 3, 4 and 5 management qualifications as well.

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3 ways to quickly implement STAR® Manager


STAR® Manager can be used as the perfect stand-alone solution for your management development needs and is even described as ‘better than a live programme’. It has already proven to deliver transformational change in management behaviours that results in massive uplifts in commercial performance and has contributed to the success of many change programmes.


You can choose to wrap your own bespoke management and leadership development programmes around STAR® Manager. This way you can deliver bespoke elements via workshops and webinars, for example, at various points of the programme, such as a great launch event, a midpoint workshop and a final wrap up activity, whilst using the STAR® modules to provide your core content. This option has already been used successfully by the London School of Economics as part of their LSE Manager programme.


You can add STAR® Manager as a fully blended online module in your current leadership programme to give your management team the Operational Coaching® skills that will help them achieve all of their other learning objectives.

With STAR® Manager there is no need to let the Coronavirus get the better of you. Embrace the change and use it as an opportunity to show your value. 

From Learning Practitioner to ‘Learning CoachTM

You can do this by transitioning from Learning Practitioner into a ‘Learning CoachTM‘.  It’s an important shift in nuance; as a Learning Coach, you can:

  • Play an absolutely vital role in underpinning a culture of continuous learning
  • Find out what would have to happen to excite people about learning
  • Make sure that people have a financial, psychological and emotional investment in learning so that they fully engage in the learning available to them
  • Have a broader role in driving the processes that generate learning
  • Engage management in a learning revolution and influence those managers that might be getting in the way of people partaking in training and contributing to a culture that truly values learning
  • Support the integration of technology that can help the organisation respond in the most agile way to the most unpredictable of situations

This is a mission-critical role and we can support you to develop these skills whilst you leave the technology of delivering a world-class transformational blended programme to us.

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