Are You Too Busy To Develop Yourself As A Manager?

Watch this 1-minute video and then ask yourself the question again.

I often hear ‘time’ (or the lack of it) being cited as the most common obstacle getting in the way of leaders wanting to develop themselves...

After all, who’s got time for that with everything else that’s being thrown at you right now?

‘Time’ is something we all need more of, especially now when resources are tight, but the truth is you’re probably only going to get even busier if you don’t start doing something differently.

So don’t fall into the trap of waiting until things tail off again or for the crisis to be over before you get started on your development.

Without the skills to enable others to step up, contribute more, and be more accountable for driving better outcomes, you’ll never get that valuable time back for yourself.

But don’t worry, your investment in your development as a Manager doesn’t have to be time consuming and onerous.

You can start developing the skills you need to help you be a better manager in a fun, flexible, and engaging way, and in the time it takes to have a coffee break every day!

You can even work towards a prestigious management qualification.

Sound good?

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