Due to Popular Demand STAR® Manager Cohort 3 is Launching Soon!

What would it be like if your organisation could achieve an incredible 33 x Return on Investment, including successes of over £250,000 within 10 weeks? Register your interest TODAY!

The Government - Innovate UK in conjunction with

are offering funding for a limited number of businesses to support sustainable business growth in 2020, by developing new skills so their Management Teams can build performance, drive profitable growth and increase engagement.

3 reasons your Managers should ABSOLUTELY DO THIS NOW during COVID-19:

Learn skills to navigate unprecedented change

Develop skills to keep your remote colleagues highly engaged and productive

Bounce back more resilient and ready for success

Don’t survive – choose to THRIVE!

More information is detailed below

How about having more than 60% improvements in overall productivity in this current climate! Register your interest TODAY!

What's the Deal?

We are delighted to open invitations to businesses to join this cutting-edge programme that will boost performance, profits and engagement in the smaller business sector.

We’re offering just 1500 managers from 150 businesses a place on the award winning STAR® Manager programme; a 6-month development programme for Managers which will increase management effectiveness and business growth.


Based on the fantastic results our corporate clients are getting, the government wants to verify that the programme really can boost performance and growth, so they are partly funding the places and London School of Economics (LSE) is independently evaluating the results.

Do you want to give your business a boost in 2020? Be part of this programme if you want to:

  • Get set for BREXIT
  • Stop surviving and start THRIVING
  • Generate high levels of EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT
  • Improve WELLBEING in your business
  • DEVELOP your managers by giving them access to the same training as the big corporates
  • Retain your TALENT by investing in highly innovative development programmes
  • Use CUTTING EDGE learning solutions that meet the needs of your business AND your people


Not Possible? It is with Notion’s groundbreaking management development programme STAR® Manager.

Register your interest TODAY if you want to achieve all of this without anyone taking time out of the business. Register your interest TODAY!

What other learners say...

"Using more of a coaching style during negotiation of several points of a sales agreement resulted in a saving of £1m-£2m"

Watch Jillian Maclean, MD of Drake & Morgan, talking about the benefits of the STAR® Manager programme

Be one of the many companies undertaking the STAR® Manager Programme who report impressive results such as 63% of managers saying that their teams have shown an increase in problem-solving skills. Register your interest TODAY!

Don't get left behind... can you afford NOT to Apply?

For just £350+VAT per person, you and your Managers will receive a 6-month development programme that will rocket your performance. The Government are funding the remaining cost as they are so confident about STAR® Manager’s potential to increase performance and profit in the smaller business sector!

"I find 1-to-1s much more useful and look forward to them now - it used to be the worst part of my job!"

"This course has changed the way I listen to colleagues by making me stop and really pay attention rather than trying to solve the problem before they have finished speaking."

"I am using a totally different approach to supporting my direct reports - asking coaching questions regularly to empower them to identify ways of solving problems and challenges."

Just imagine that over 45% of your employees are more engaged for the business, all of which is giving them much needed time back to work on the areas that matter most to growing the business. Register your interest TODAY!

Extraordinary Flexibility Built Around Your Needs

This is not your typical eLearning programme.

Instead, it is a fabulous, exciting and engaging journey that really increases managers’ capabilities… and it’s also a lot of fun on the way.

  • Complete the programme at your desk or while you’re on the move!
  • It’s available any time, on any device, wherever you are
  • Taking just 15 – 45 minutes per week over the 6-month period, you can easily manage the learning around your other commitments

You’ll learn via a wide range of activities across the programme including videos, quizzes, reflection exercises and work-place missions.

Improve managers’ competence by enabling them to incorporate coaching-related behaviours into their everyday management style, a skillset that has been shown repeatedly to increase employee engagement, productivity and the performance of teams. Register your interest TODAY!

What is STAR® Manager?

An award-winning online training programme that is accessible any time and anywhere made available for your managers TODAY. Register your interest TODAY!

How about a sneak peek?!

"A conversations on waste process has developed improved profitability in my store; £20k ahead of waste budget"

"After a STAR conversation, the change of a decision to wrongly defend a matter to settling stage has saved us at least £10K if not more"

Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to equip your people with the skills they’ll need to steer the business today and beyond! Register your interest TODAY!

Application Process & Next Steps

1. Interest: click the “I’M INTERESTED” button to complete a short form

2. Check: we’ll call you back to discuss the programme in more detail

3. Confirm: if you’d like to go ahead, confirm your places

4. Preparation: the completion of pre-surveys and learner details to get them all prepared

5. Begin: we launch!