Who is STAR® manager for?

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A remarkable blended learning programme…

These are just a few examples of how STAR® Manager has been created to provide you with maximum flexibility as well as delivering amazing results:

  • Flexible, self-directed learning to suit needs of each learner themselves
  • Short bursts of learning, typically 20-40 minutes
  • Opportunities to practice and apply new skills with workplace ‘Missions’ after every module
  • Scalable for cohort sizes from 1-1000’s
  • No days lost in classrooms or travelling
  • Not based on time specific events – e.g. webinars
  • Action learning opportunities with colleagues with expert feedback provided on an individual basis
  • Comprehensive ongoing & post-programme support to help embed skills

See Dramatic Improvements in just 4 months

These programme results show what learners are achieving as a direct result of STAR® Manager.
What would it be like if your organisation could achieve this too in just 4 months from now?

  • 47%

    Improvement in team members being more engaged.

  • 63%

    Improvement in asking better questions more frequently.

  • 60%

    Improvement in personal productivity.

  • 63%

    Improvement in team members…

    • Solving problems themselves
    • Bringing options to me not issues

What would it be like if your organisation could achive this too in just 4 months from now? Why not take a tour through the STAR® Manager programme to learn more...


Play the videos to hear a range of opinions about STAR® Manager

Russ Hartland-Shaw

Global Transformation Project Manager, Costa Coffee

Andrew Joly

Director of Strategic Design, LEO

Anita Byrne

Senior L&D manager, Santander

Anne Williams

Learning Manager, Thomson Reuters

Our clients

Notion’s STAR® Model has been having a positive impact and generating amazing results in a wide range of organisations for years. Here are just a selection of clients that have had their managers participate in Notion’s programmes that have incorporated STAR®.