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See Dramatic Improvements in just 4 months

These programme results show what learners are achieving as a direct result of STAR® Manager. What would it be like if your organisation could achieve this too in just 4 months from now?
1 %

Improvement in team members being more engaged.

1 %

Improvement in asking better questions more frequently.

1 %

Improvement in personal productivity.

1 %

Improvement in team members

Want to know if your organisation could achive this too in just 4 months from now? Why not take a tour through the STAR® Manager programme to learn more...?

Who is STAR® manager for?

It’s for anyone who has line management responsibility for others.

Select each button to learn more about how STAR® supports different groups of managers, which sectors it can support and how it can dramatically help you improve or resolve the current issues that many organisations are facing.

Strategic Leadership

Changing the culture of an organisation starts at the very top.

By working through the STAR® programme, senior leaders will role-model an ‘enquiry-led approach’ and, by doing so, will increase the engagement and productivity of the core group of senior managers, and customers or clients, that they interact with on a daily basis. Asking powerful questions at this level can have a huge impact by driving overall performance and creating an organisational growth mindset.



“Notion’s STAR® Manager, is a fun, interactive, virtual blend that includes workplace missions, short online training modules, critical guided reflection and live tutor support.

Judges were impressed by its integration of deep subject expertise and robust instructional design with a strong technology platform to bring a high-quality management development programme to market. They were also impressed by the mix of methodologies and the clarity of purpose espoused in the adoption of the ‘learn-do-review’ approach. An innovative and comprehensive solution to a long-time problem and the coaching world will be in a much better place for it.”

A remarkable blended learning programme…

These are just a few examples of how STAR® Manager has been created to provide you with maximum flexibility as well as delivering amazing results:

Flexible, self-directed learning to suit needs of each learner themselves

Opportunities to practice and apply new skills with workplace ‘Missions’ after every module

No days lost in classrooms or travelling

Action learning opportunities with colleagues with expert feedback provided on an individual basis

Short bursts of learning, typically 20-40 minutes

Scalable for cohort sizes from 1-1000’s

Not based on time specific events – e.g. webinars

Comprehensive ongoing & post-programme support to help embed skills


Play the videos to hear a range of opinions about STAR® Manager

Russ Hartland-Shaw

Global Transformation Project Manager, Costa Coffee


Andrew Joly

Director of Strategic Design, LEO


Anita Byrne

Senior L&D Manager, Santander


Anne Williams

Learning Manager, Thomson Reuters

Our clients

Notion’s STAR® Model has been having a positive impact and generating amazing results in a wide range of organisations for years. Here are just a selection of clients that have had their managers participate in Notion’s programmes that have incorporated STAR®.


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