What to Do at the End of your STAR® Licence

As you approach the end of your STAR® programme licence, it’s prudent to make sure that you’ve taken advantage of all of the learning resources available to you so that you can continue on your STAR® journey with independence and confidence long after the programme has ended.

If you’ve not quite finished the programme yet, this is your final opportunity to schedule time in your diary to work through the remaining modules or log on now to make super-fast progress.

If you’ve already completed your STAR® programme may we offer you our huge congratulations for investing in your development. We hope you’ve really enjoyed the journey and are getting genuine ongoing value from implementing what you’ve learnt along the way.

Whether you’ve finished your programme or not, here are some things for you to do now before the end of your STAR® licence:


Save the resources PDFs from each module – there’s a whole Toolkit of resources available for you to use now and in the future – make sure you download and save them!

Coaching Questions QuestGen NEW-notion-number-circle-2-TWO

Download your Four Domains results, Self-Assessment scores and goals – if you’ve completed your programme, go to the final module and open both the Four Domains and Self-Assessment activities and download the results as PDFs so that you can save them for future reference. If you haven’t completed your programme, you can access the Four Domains from the ‘What is coaching?’ module and the Self-Assessment from the ‘Prepare for Launch’ module – download and save your results in the same way.

Four Domains NEW-notion-number-circles-3-THREE

Download your final Learning Log – navigate to the module in which you made your last Learning Log entry, and launch the Learning Log activity. Click on the ‘Learning Log PDF’ button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page and all of your Learning Log entries will be downloaded in a handy booklet.

Learning Log notion-number-circles-4

Complete and Download your final Success Tracker – open your Success Tracker, add in any final successes, and then click on the ‘Export PDF’ button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Success Tracker notion-number-circles-5

Download any Certificates you’ve been awarded – these can be accessed from the last module in each phase. Follow the instructions when you open the Certificate activity to save your certificate(s) correctly.

STAR Certificates notion-number-circles-6

Write your testimonial and send it to success@notion.global – if you’ve enjoyed your STAR® programme we’d love to hear from you and receive a testimonial. A few words of wisdom or a short video or any other feedback that we can use to improve the programme or share to support future learners is very gratefully received. Please just send this in any format via email to: success@notion.global

All done? Fabulous. Keep in mind though that whilst your STAR® licence may indeed be at an end, your STAR® journey will continue long into the future.

Over the past few months, you’ve developed skills that have changed the way you manage and lead forever; the way you build relationships has been transformed and the way you communicate and influence has been turned on its head. 

You now have all the skills you need to engage with people in an incredibly effective way, to give amazing feedback that really makes a difference and to drive tremendous creativity and innovation in every interaction you have. 

You’ve learnt how to get the most from your team in a way that builds confidence, resilience and a desire to contribute and collaborate at an advanced level. And, by doing so, you’ve given yourself more time to concentrate on the high-value activities that have a substantial impact on the commercial results of your business. 

Through your willingness to learn these brand new skills, you’ve positioned yourself as a key player in the culture change needed to drive engagement, performance, productivity, agility, growth and success in your business.

In fact, when you committed to making these small changes to your management behaviour you opened the doorway to massive change and an extraordinary future.

So, whilst it’s sad to say goodbye, we are extremely happy that you are moving onto new challenges equipped with the skills that will take you, and the people around you, and your business, to brand new heights.

We hope to meet you again on a future programme.

Bye for now.

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