This demo is split into 5 areas and will take you no more than 10-minutes to review. 

                                                                                                                                                          STAR® Manager helps all managers and leaders maximise team performance and productivity improvements by embedding a more engaging style of management.

By incorporating the principles of Operational Coaching®, busy managers begin to develop the situational awareness and the confidence to have great conversations with their team members every day in the flow of work.

1. Discover why now is the time to improve management capability

Watch this 2-minute video 

Matthew Syed      Author, Journalist & Broadcaster

“Redefines the purpose of management for the 21st century.”

2. See dramatic improvements in just 6 months

In a major academic study across 62 organisations in 14 sectors, evaluated by LSE on behalf of the UK Government, the STAR® Manager programme has been proven to transform managers’ performance within 6-months.

1 x

Average learner return on investment

1 x

Organisations with STAR® managers retained staff at a rate of 6x over those that didn't

£ 1 m

Of organisational benefits recorded

1 %

Of all successes captured were improvements in engagement & productivity

1 %

9 out of 9 competencies measured, showed increases in management capability

1 %

Increase in time spent coaching

1 x

Average learner return on investment

1 x

Improvement in staff retention versus control group companies

£ 1 m

Of organisational benefits recorded

1 %

Of all successes captured were improvements in engagement & productivity

1 %

Improvement in management capability within six months

1 %

Increase in time spent coaching

Dr. Michela Tinelli              London School of Economics & Political Science

“Managers who learned to apply the STAR® model improved their management capabilities across all nine areas measured”.

3. Explore the programme in more detail and learn how Mission Control supports you

Watch this 4-minute video

Sam Rahman          Manage          Virgin Atlantic

                                                                                    “The STAR® programme has truly enabled me to get time back for myself, allowing me to lead my team in the way I’ve always envisioned. For someone considering the programme, I would just say go for it – it’s really clear and simple to follow, engaging and so empowering. The results are immediate; providing clear benefit to the organisation.”

4. The programme variants, qualifications and certifications

                                                                                                                                                                    The STAR® Manager programme sets a new standard for line management globally, recognising Operational Coaching® as an important management competence.  

All programme options include a global APMG certification or a UK Ofqual Qualification as standard included in the pricing. 

STAR® Coach: The first 10 modules focus on changing the everyday management style of the learners and embed new behaviours for the learner themselves, through the adoption of Notion’s STAR® model.

STAR® Manager: Includes the 10 STAR® Coach modules, plus and additional 10 modules that focus on the skills required to develop the performance of others. In additional to upskilling the general capability of your line managers, the programme will also build confidence in conducting 1-to-1s, holding developmental career conversations, handling challenging conversations and giving better feedback.

Practitioner Sessions: Following the completion of modules 10 and 20 the learner can attend a Practitioner Session, a 90-minute interactive small group session with an expert Tutor, allowing them to practise their new skills in a supervised environment and receive valuable verbal and written feedback. 

Luke Stanbridge          Commercial Director       Z-Tech

Our profit is going to be roughly 3X what it was last year, which is pretty amazing. This programme really helped to engage people and definitely helped towards our financial performance this year.”

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Setting aside the 2 x 30-minute sessions a week as recommended, STAR® Coach takes up to 3 months to complete. STAR® Manager takes up to 6 months.

The programme can be completed any time, any place, anywhere and on any device… as long as there’s an internet connection learners can access the programme.

STAR® Coach is for all leaders, managers or aspiring managers at any level. STAR® Manager is for anyone who has direct line management responsibility for others.

Both programme options work for all levels of managers across all sectors. We say this with confidence as this was the robust outcome from the academic study, completed on behalf of the UK Government and was independently evaluated by the London School of Economics. The data proved that the programmes had a positive effect for the learners, from aspiring managers all the way up to C-suite levels.

Learners will be able to put into practice the new skills learned in the programme as soon as they’ve completed the first module.

The STAR® programme has several built-in methods of capturing success and return on investment.

The results are tracked via the reflections in the online learning log, and the success trackers. Learners are encouraged to complete these at the end of every module.

Stakeholders will be provided with monthly collated reports which share data as it’s captured. This report will include a tracker of the modules which have been completed, by learner, and key successes that have been recorded. 

The Mission Control Team proactively use these trackers to reach out and support individual learners as they work through the programme.

We aim to work with any funding available to support as many learners to do the programmes as possible.

Click this link to discover current funding opportunities.

James Mastrangelo
Financial Manager  Software One

I’ve been in Sales for over two decades and participated in many trainings – this has been by far the most influential and relevant course I’ve ever taken. The missions reinforce the excellent material and I’ve grown as a manager, seller and as a person.”

"A direct benefit of the programme has been an increase in employee engagement which has helped us make improvements more quickly."

Neil Waters
Manufacturing Manager
ACO Group
"After completing the STAR® program, my approach to my team changed. By not taking on activities myself... I found I freed up 40% to 50% of my time, and projects completed sooner."
Lou Garriga
Director of Operations
Rubadue Wire
“I've been on many different coaching courses over my career, but the STAR® model has transformed my approach to coaching my peers and colleagues.”
Nicola Lee
Sales Manager


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