University Of Exeter set to create STAR® Managers in an ‘Out Of This World’ Partnership with Notion

University Of Exeter set to create STAR® Managers in an ‘Out Of This World’ Partnership with Notion

Setting the pace for new management standards in academia, the University of Exeter is the first University to launch Notion’s STAR® Manager…

Notion, a global expert in behaviour change, has partnered with the University of Exeter to support them in their unabated commitment to being a Great Place To Work. 50 academic and professional staff will join Notion’s revolutionary, 100% virtual, blended management development programme – STAR® Manager – from July 2018.

Jacqui Marshall, Deputy Registrar and Director of People Services and Global Partnerships at the University of Exeter says, “We are committed to creating a positive working environment that enables people to be at their best and thrive. We believe that STAR® Manager will support our people to continue to make the University of Exeter a great place to work.”

Using the very latest technology in the area of behaviour change, STAR® Manager will help key University staff to improve the engagement, productivity and performance of the people they work with. Because the programme is completely flexible, learners can manage the programme around their busy schedules, and can be in full control of when and how they complete it; giving them ultimate ownership of their own development.

Among the 15 different learning activities in the blend, the programme features ‘Live Missions’ that are completely unique to the learner and their work situation, ensuring that what they learn also has an immediate impact on what they do.

Not confined to professional staff, the programme will also be available to academic staff to enhance their coaching skills in a tutoring role, ensuring that the impact of STAR® also supports the student experience.

“STAR® Manager is the perfect way to support the positive working environment programme at the University, by giving staff the opportunity to build the skills and behaviours they need to fulfil their full potential, and to support the shared values of the University,” explains Notion’s Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms.

The University of Exeter has launched STAR® Manager with aplomb. In the first two weeks since the launch, over two thirds of learners have already started their learning journey, many of whom have completed multiple ‘live’ missions, demonstrating the direct impact of STAR® on the workplace right from the outset and employee engagement with the programme.

Notion’s unique STAR® Model, that is central to the STAR® Manager programme, has already proven to deliver fantastic social and commercial value in the higher education sector and across all industry sectors, with clients frequently reporting hard results of up to 100 x Return on Investment. Now, STAR® Manager – described as a game changer in the field of e-learning – can help organisations to achieve the same ‘out of this world’ results anytime, anywhere and in a way that suits the learner.

To create an ‘out of this world’ partnership with Notion or to find out more about how STAR® Manager can increase the engagement, productivity and performance of people in organisations, call Notion on +44 (0) 1926 889 885 or visit us by clicking here.

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