Take a Giant Leap For Your Career While You’re on Furlough!

If you’ve recently been furloughed it may take you a few weeks to come to terms with your new set of circumstances but once the dust settles, what then? 

We’re so used to the routine of work that when it’s suddenly taken away from us it can leave us floundering for things to do, especially when we can’t go further than our front doors.

Furloughed but not for long

We also need to be mindful of life post-lockdown. If you’re on furlough there’s a strong chance that when the lockdown is lifted you’ll return to your original job. However, when you do go back, things might not be quite the same as before. 

In their endeavour to successfully bounce back, you may discover that your employer values a different set of skills: ones that will help them to respond more quickly and more creatively to change whilst also generating sustainable improvements in employee engagement, and increased levels of productivity and performance.

So there is tremendous value in acquiring a brand new skill set while you’re on furlough to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your return to work.

Become a STAR® Manager

Notion’s 100% virtual award-winning STAR® Manager programme can help you to develop the brand new skills you’ll need to transform your capabilities as a manager post-lockdown (and become indispensable to your employer).

In fact, STAR® builds strengths in more than 16 key management areas, which we have proven can deliver commercial results of between 5 and 100 times ROI so you’ll be hard to ignore when you start bringing in results like these.

STAR® Manager’s strong focus on helping you to acquire Operational Coaching® skills will help you to make huge strides forward in how effectively you communicate and collaborate with other people which will generate far higher levels of engagement and contribution. 

Your newly acquired ability to ask powerful questions will help you to drive answers to new problems while also building your agility to respond quickly to new and highly changeable situations.

The programme uses robust technology to enable you to learn these new skills anytime and anywhere via any device, so you can easily work through it at home.

The programme also offers you incredible flexibility so you can become a STAR® Manager by working steadily through the programme in bite-sized 30-minute chunks or faster if you find you have more time on your hands.

When you complete this fun and engaging programme, you’ll also achieve a recognised management qualification (up to a Level 5) depending on how far you decide to progress.

Imagine that; by learning with this innovative online programme, you can gain a qualification up to the equivalent of a foundation degree in just a few months, whilst equipping yourself with all the skills you’ll need for ‘life after lockdown’.

So, if you too want to bounce back after furlough and get noticed at the same time, now is the time to improve your skills and get a serious management qualification while you can.

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