STAR® Manager Goes Global

Notion has announced that its award-winning 100% virtual development programme, STAR® Manager, is now running in 15 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Finland and the Netherlands.

Learners across four continents are now benefiting from Notion’s STAR® Manager programme which is particularly notable amid the current pandemic.

Every country around the world is dealing with tremendous levels of change and leaders and managers no matter where they work, require brand new skills, and new ways to acquire these skills, in order to keep up with their rapidly changing environments.

The STAR® Manager programme integrates subject expertise, robust instructional design and strong technology to bring alive a high-quality, innovative and incredibly flexible management development programme that can be completed anytime, anywhere and on any device, giving its global appeal.

But unlike many online development programmes, STAR® Manager uses real advances in learning and neuroscience, and the programme’s unique and universally engaging design, which is fun and very easy to follow, enables leaders and managers to build the essential new skills they need to develop great people and drive long-term measurable and sustainable performance improvements.

Notion’s list of global clients and learners are quick to see the transformational results. One global business sums it up with these words “We’re running STAR® Manager across 5 countries and the reason we’re doing that is that we’ve seen the transformational effect that STAR® Manager can have. It combines the convenience of online learning with the depth that you get from working with a real Business Coach and the benefits of applying that learning directly back in the workplace.

Another, an International Chemicals company explains, “We wanted something we could use across the whole group…give us consistent messaging that was easy to access and easy to use. We felt that something that gave bite-sized learning that people could apply back in the workplace immediately was really important to support our managers using more of a coaching-based approach. STAR® Manager is also accessible, cost-effective and not involving lots of travel time, which from an environmental point of view is also really important.”

The programme’s results speak volumes about its fast spread into multiple countries as even during the crisis, learners completing Notion’s programmes have reported an average 33 X ROI.

Completion of any of Notion’s STAR® programmes can now also lead to the award of a recognised coaching and management qualification in only a few months, something which can offer learners a much-needed career boost and better position them for taking on new and challenging opportunities as the global economy recovers.

Notion’s Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms, said: “We’re delighted to announce that STAR® Manager is now active in 15 countries. The crisis has brought into sharp focus the leadership skills that so many leaders and managers around the world need right now to help them successfully navigate these unprecedented times and to more fully engage the potential of their workforces. STAR® Manager enables our learners to acquire these skills quickly and apply them in real-time, without needing to take time away from the important roles they’re playing helping to restore and drive forward their organisations’ performance.”

For a FREE Demo of Notion’s award-winning STAR® Manager programme visit or for more information call Notion on +44(0) 1926 889 885.


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