What is Operational Coaching®?

Operational Coaching® is a methodology designed solely to help Managers to develop coaching as habitual behaviour. This calls upon the Manager to resist the urge to help others by telling them what to do – not just once or twice – but in all their everyday interactions. Instead, they recognise coachable moments and then use those opportunities to ask the right questions. And the results are powerful.

But what makes Operational Coaching® so powerful?

Quite simply, Operational Coaching® flips the focus of the coaching relationship on its head. Most coaching models focus on the Coachee rather than on helping Managers to embrace new behaviours themselves. And unlike most coaching exchanges, Operational Coaching® happens ‘on the fly’, typically consisting of unstructured conversations that focus on the matter at hand.

By developing Operational Coaching® skills, leaders and managers learn how to stop their usual responses and instead trigger frequent opportunities to ask powerful questions and listen effectively. This stimulates higher levels of social exchange, trust and understanding that create the conditions necessary to drive high levels of performance, productivity, innovation, engagement, retention and well-being – all of which have a significant and measurable commercial impact on their organisation.

Creating a Coaching Culture

If you want to create a coaching culture across your organisation, then all your Managers and Leaders need to change their habitual behaviour and adopt a coaching mindset.

The focus of a coaching culture is on finding a way of tapping into the potential of all people within an organisation. By taking an Operational Coaching® approach towards establishing a coaching culture, you are inviting everyone in the organisation – at every level – to step up and give more; to begin to maximise their potential.

It’s well documented that employees are happier and more productive when they feel listened to and recognised for their contribution to the organisation. Operational Coaching® works within the context and beliefs of a business to ensure that everyone feels valued for their contribution and able to discuss this in an open and listening environment. Understanding how to ask better questions is vital to establishing a successful coaching culture, with a swift benefit of reducing or even eliminating a culture of blame.

Benefits of Operational Coaching®