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Level 3 Award

What's the Qualification?

Level 3 Award in STAR Operational Coaching

for completion of the STAR® Coach programme (Modules 1-10)


3 Months


approx. 1 hour

(e.g. 2 x 30 mins)

You will have 12 months to complete the programme from your registration date

Who's it for?

This qualification has been developed to advance the skills of learners who are already (or on track to begin) working in a supervisory or management level role, with or without direct line management responsibility, including up to Senior Management.

This programme provides you with the knowledge and develops new skills, which will enable you to adopt and then use coaching-related behaviours as a part of your everyday management style.  Use of these techniques will help you to better engage and motivate direct reports, peers and other colleagues to drive up performance and productivity.

What's the Progression?

This qualification offers learners the chance to progress to further learning in Operational Coaching and Management (Level 4), as a Practitioner (Level 5), Internal Accredited Coach (Level 5) or Senior Executive Coach or Mentor (Level 7).

What is STAR® Manager?

Notion's STAR® Manager is an award-winning online coaching and management skills training programme developed to improve your capability by enabling you to incorporate coaching-related behaviours into your everyday management style, a skillset that has been shown repeatedly to increase employee engagement, productivity and the performance of teams.

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This Level 3 Award programme includes 10 online modules, each 20-45 minutes long. The modules are focused on developing YOU and YOUR management style. Each module has a variety of activities to complete ad all include a workplace Mission for you to do, followed by a guided reflection exercise.

Your journey consists of 10 modules of blended learning content to develop your day-to-day management skills and your ability to coach others, naturally, ‘in the moment’

STAR Coach

It's about YOU!     

You’ll learn:

✦  About the different ‘helping styles’, where coaching fits and why it works

✦  Why asking questions delivers better, longer-term results than telling or advising

✦  About Notion’s STAR Coaching Model®

✦  How to use triggers to stop your habitual responses to situations

✦  How to ask more insightful and powerful questions

✦  How to listen actively, and intuitively

✦  How to gain commitment from others and to follow-up on the actions they agree

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Programme Features

This is not your average e-learning programme! Instead, it's a fabulous, exciting and engaging experience that really increases your capabilities... and it's also a lot of fun. One way this is achieved is by incorporating a wide range of activities across the blend.

There is a quiz every 3-4 modules to check understanding and provide some guidance ahead of each assessment.

Interactive drama videos are built into the journey where the learner makes decisions to help some of the managers at a company called ‘Rocket’.

Reflection is a key part of learning and critical to any behavioural change, yet most virtual learning programmes completely miss this aspect. STAR® Manager has reflection integrated into every module.

The Learning Log is a highly innovative part of the programme to embed new skills via guided learning exercises that build into a detailed private journal.

Each module has a range of different interactive e-learning exercises to keep the learner engaged and actively participating.

In addition to several self-assessment exercises, at the end of each set of 10 modules, there is a formal assessment. You need to achieve a 70% pass mark to continue through the programme.

Learning Circles are an optional part of the programme and a unique opportunity to work directly with a world-class tutor and a small group of 2-3 fellow learners in a live virtual classroom.

After every module, the learner is set a work-based mission to incorporate into their role and practise the skills they have just learned.

Learners can participate in the forum to share learnings, best practice and engage with colleagues who are also on the programme.

Key concepts, models, exercises and tools can all be downloaded as PDFs and turned into a fantastic toolkit and ongoing resource bank.

There are 18 different activities across the programme blend, here are just 10 examples. Click on each icon to learn more

What Do You Get With Your Investment?

STAR® Manager is a fully supported development programme and not bits of ad hoc e-learning stuck together. Therefore, in addition to the excellent content you'll also get full programme management support with our dedicated Client Success Team.

Their mission is your success.

Detailed below are the elements included within the programme.


10 modules of interactive content containing a blend of 18 different learning activity types


Fortnightly Live Learning Stations Q&A Support Session with a Notion Tutor (attendance is optional)


A number of different recorded Programme Assessments


Workplace Missions and Learning Log Reflection exercises


Programme Success Tracker


Programme PDF Toolkit


Dedicated telephone and email support from the Client Success Team during office hours (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm UK)

Level 3 Award

Level 3 Award in STAR Operational Coaching on successful completion of the programme

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