Is Your Training Policy Eco-Friendly?

It’s an issue no-one can ignore. The rise in street protests, high profile teenage activists, global summits, and stark warnings from some of the best scientists in the world has put climate change front and centre in our minds.

But what are we doing about it?

Have the recent announcements from government and business leaders in support of climate action spurred your organisation to put environment and climate at the top of your strategic agenda?

If so, you’re probably seeing some change momentum in major areas such as the supply chain, transportation and energy, but, in reality, how far has the environment agenda cascaded into the organisation? What can you do on a more micro level?

For example, do you know the carbon footprint of your training programmes?

  • What are the environmental costs of transport to training venues, near or far? Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, congestion...
  • What about the environmental costs of the venue itself? Heating, air-conditioning, even catering...
  • A physical learning environment often also relies on physical learning materials, what about the environmental costs of that?

Now, consider how these costs multiply for global training programmes when you fly hundreds of managers out to a fixed location. Taking just one return flight generates more CO2 than citizens of some countries produce in a year so the flights alone will skyrocket the environmental impact of your training programme.

So, what can you do to contribute to your organisation’s environment agenda? Well, you could spend your time measuring the environmental impact of your training programmes and working out how to offset them, or, you could look at alternative ways to deliver training programmes that still pack a punch but don’t have such drastic consequences on the environment.

What’s even better than a world-class workshop-based programme?

Notion’s STAR® Manager offers the very latest in behavioural change technology and has the capability to do just that. STAR® Manager is a 100% virtual, fully blended management development programme that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, any place by cohorts of one manager up to thousands of managers. The blend is so sophisticated that it prompted LEO’s Director of Learning and Strategic Design, Andrew Joly, to announce that “[STAR® Manager] is leading the learning revolution.” He said, “it’s not very often you get the chance to genuinely take something with such incredible value in a non-digital context and then step up to the plate and deliver something that is not just equal to but better than a live learning programme.”

You’d be right to think that e-learning doesn’t match up to live workshops, but we’re not talking about e-learning...we’re talking about STAR® Manager… a fully blended programme of 18 different activities including live Tutor support that is delivered via virtual technology and has a zero carbon footprint.

If you’re still not convinced that virtual learning exists as a credible alternative to world-class workshop based live programmes then contact us to learn more about STAR® Manager and how it could support your management development programmes. Leading academics, government agencies, global banks, retailers and manufacturers are already using it. Don’t get left behind. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

What actions are you willing to take to make your training programmes more eco-friendly?

Click here for more information about how STAR® Manager can help you develop your managers without the environmental costs of live programmes or call us for an informal chat on +44(0)1926 889 885.

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