Meeting with Laura Ashley-Timms


Please set aside 10-15 minutes to read the following two short articles before our session on Tuesday 25th June.

Click the image to read this article on Accidental Managers

Click the image to read this article on Reflective Practice

A bit about Laura Ashley-Timms

Thought Leader, Author & COO, Notion- STAR® Manager

Laura is the co-author of the best-selling book The Answer is a Question: The Missing Superpower that Changes Everything and Will Transform Your Impact as a Manager and Leader.

She’s also the COO at Notion (L&D Supplier of the Year), the co-creator of the STAR® model (the multi-award-winning STAR® Manager programme), and an expert thought leader on how to leverage Operational Coaching® behaviours across organisations to drive commercial results and improve productivity and engagement levels.

Laura learned about the power of coaching from her early childhood career in international sports and was coaching others by the time she entered Oriel College, Oxford. With over thirty years of international business experience, living and working in the USA, Europe and Asia, Laura has a strong focus on pragmatism and results. She’s been recognised as one of the UK’s top executive coaches and as one of 40 Outstanding Global Women.