How Highly Do You Rate Your Feedback Skills? Take This 30-Second Test Now To Find Out…

Working environments that include appreciative and developmental feedback generate much higher levels of performance, productivity and engagement.

Feedback that’s delivered well contributes to shared problem solving, conflict resolution, improved communication, better relationships, higher levels of trust, enhanced wellbeing, and faster learning curves.

What’s not to love?

If handled badly though, feedback can be destructive. Destructive feedback can make problems worse, damage relationships and destroy trust which ultimately hinders development and negatively impacts performance.

So the stakes are very high.

As a leader, manager, friend or parent you must master the ability to give (and receive) constructive feedback

How highly do you rate your feedback skills?

Take this quick test and score yourself…

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Did You Score 70%-100%?

Congratulations. You have great feedback skills. Keep your skills fresh and watch out for complacency. Remember, everyone reacts differently to feedback and it’s crucial to stay agile so that you can respond to the different emotional responses people have when receiving feedback. Take the next step and build an even stronger team environment by incorporating feedback into your everyday leadership style and by encouraging your team to also give constructive feedback – after all, if you give it, you have to be able to take it!

Want to advance your skills even further? Push yourself to the next level…
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Did You Score 50%-69%?

Not bad but you could do better. You’re using your feedback skills but at times you’re letting it slip. Taking a consistent approach is important in developing an environment of trust in which constructive feedback is free-flowing. Take a look at your answers: where do you feel you need to focus your attention? What’s getting in the way of you giving consistently great feedback? Perhaps you need to take more ownership of your feedback or take a more person-centred approach. Think about where you can make a real difference and constantly practice.

One quick way to get even better is to do some further development around this subject. Notion’s STAR® Manager programmes help you embed better feedback into your everyday management style as well as advancing a range of other skills. You’d also have the option to gain Level 3, 4 and 5 Ofqual management qualifications.
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Did You Score 0%-49%?

Could you do with some help? You don’t rate your feedback skills very highly at all, do you? Have your attempts at giving feedback backfired or made matters even worse? Is this because you’ve never been taught how to give feedback? By learning how to give effective and constructive feedback, you can stop making the mistakes most people make and start to benefit from the increased levels of engagement, productivity and performance typical of environments that include healthy and constructive feedback.

If you’d like to turn these results around then we’d highly recommend you explore the benefits of completing one of the STAR® Manager programmes and gain a level 3, 4 or 5 management qualification. Develop yourself at your own pace and when you’re ready, go even further by progressing seamlessly through each level.
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Whatever your score, if you’d like to take your skills to the next level, you can find the perfect programme for you in our coaching and management qualifications brochure or if you’d prefer to talk, arrange a call and we’ll get back to you.

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