STAR® Manager Overview

Notion’s groundbreaking programme STAR® Manager builds on over a decade of experience helping organisations to implement their proprietary Operational CoachingTM approach towards leadership and management. STAR® Manager offers managers at any level within an organisation the chance to address what makes them effective as leaders and managers.

By learning how to incorporate more of an ‘enquiry-led approach’ into their day-to-day management style, daily interactions become powerful opportunities to increase engagement and improve the performance and the productivity of team members, all with astounding commercial results.

Built around two distinct phases, STAR® Coach and STAR® Manager, this highly interactive and experiential learning programme can be offered to individual learners (cohorts of 1) as easily as it can be scaled up to cohorts of 1000s, and in multiple languages. As a blended learning programme, the different elements of STAR® Manager have been designed to align perfectly with the 70-20-10 model of learning.

“This is certainly one of the most useful pieces of training I have undertaken in the last 20 years. It is the single piece of training most likely to have an impact on the performance of me and my teams.”

“This has been the most rewarding insightful and enjoyable course in my 14-year career.”

“Quicker delivery of a project into the business… worth £1m pa savings.”

“My manager told me that this course would change me in a positive way. She was right. It has left me with a renewed sense of confidence.”

“Huge cultural change and business improvement could be achieved if more leaders and managers did more coaching.”

“99 x ROI to date including a new client win of $2m.”

Designed by Notion and the first of its kind, this new blended development programme helps leaders and managers to gain new skills whilst learning in a 100% virtual environment that can be accessed and followed on an individual basis – at any time, in any place, using any device, and at the learner’s own pace – meeting the needs of a multi-generational workforce.

Through participation in over 15 different learning activities (including the opportunity to join various ‘live learning’ events which are repeated frequently) the learning journey is kept fresh. In addition, the unfolding drama woven throughout the programme keeps the narrative moving along, intriguing learners to want to continue.

As a licensable programme, STAR® Manager runs on our own world-class LMS platform, which offers detailed reporting as well as online tools to record performance improvement metrics. Learners can also capture their personal reflections via an interactive Learning Log that accompanies every step of their learning journey and which has been designed to stimulate new insights that can contribute to a change in behaviour. This printable log provides a valuable reference as well as material for potential future submission for certification (work already in progress).

Ahead of the game again, Notion’s STAR® Manager programme is an innovative, engaging, scalable, flexible and cost-effective learning solution. And, at less than a quarter of the cost of a similar live programme, you can now give your organisation the boost it needs to enable leaders and managers to better support continuous performance improvement and to drive large scale transformation change.

STAR® Manager delivers real behavioural change with all of the benefits of virtual learning

  • Cohort sizes scalable from 1 – 1000’s
  • Short bursts of learning – typically 20-40 minutes
  • No days lost in classrooms or travelling
  • Flexible, self-directed learning to suit needs of learners
  • Opportunities to practise and apply new skills with post module ‘Missions’
  • Not based on time specific events – e.g. webinars
  • Action learning opportunities with colleagues with expert feedback provided
  • Comprehensive ongoing and post programme support to help embed skills

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We’d love to team up with strategic partners to help achieve our vision of transforming 1 million STAR® managers by 2025.

We partner with organisations all over the world, combining our unique experiences to create mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships. If you’d like to explore teaming up with us on this journey please do say hello and we’ll schedule an informal call.