Get Your Team to Step Up in Just 6 Months with this Proven Programme

Ever wish your team was just a bit more engaged in what they do?

Tired of watching them let great opportunities slip by?

Sick of having to step into the breach when all you really want is for them to step up?

Struggling to see how you’re going to achieve your goals with your current team but not ready to give up on them just yet?

If any of this sounds familiar don’t despair, because we’ve developed a proven programme that will help your team to step up and increase engagement, performance and productivity in just six months.

Not convinced your team is ready to learn new tricks? Not a problem because our programme starts with you!

Imagine, in just six months or less, being able to acquire one new skill that enables you to start getting the best out of your team straightaway.

What difference would it make to you and your organisation if you were able to…
  • Generate more ideas from your team and drive high levels of creativity and innovation
  • Empower your team to be more resourceful and less needy so you can get your time back to focus on higher-value work
  • Increase ownership for outcomes and eliminate ambivalence in your team
  • Improve team collaboration and deliver better results, faster
  • Drive higher levels of performance and increase productivity
  • Improve communication and reduce confusion and conflict
  • Leverage the diversity in your team and stop missing out on untapped potential
  • Enable your team to weather periods of intense change without fear of the unknown

So what is the one skill that will help you to achieve all of this and more?

Using the STAR® Model is the key to unlocking all of this potential by putting an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’ (ELA®) at the heart of everything you do.

The benefits of shifting your prevailing management approach to more of a ‘coaching style’ through asking better questions and not ‘telling’, are manifold, especially so in your everyday operational settings.

When our clients learn this new skill and consistently apply it ‘in the moment’ and ‘on the fly’, they typically ignite greater levels of collaboration as they start asking powerful questions about how they work together. They also experience team members bringing far more options for them to consider rather than problems to solve as they begin to step up and take on more accountability and develop a deeper understanding of the business they’re a part of and their contribution to it.

With our award-winning online STAR® Manager programme, we can equip you with this brand new skill that will ensure you get the very best out of your team every time.

The STAR® Manager programme is an easy, quick, fun, flexible way to embed Operational CoachingTM into your everyday leadership style without you having to take any downtime.

What’s more, you can get started straight away because as soon as you start using our programme, you’ll immediately see shifts in the way you and your team work together to deliver tangible commercial results.

Proven Results

In fact, the STAR® Manager programme was recently at the centre of a large UK government trial, independently evaluated by the London School of Economics, investigating how adopting Operational CoachingTM as a leadership style can drive productivity in organisations.

354 leaders and managers from 60 organisations took part in the trial, which showed to a statistically high level that the STAR® Manager programme was effective in changing management behaviour, documenting up to £19million of potential benefits and an average of 74 x Return on Investment per learner across the trial.

Crucially, the STAR® Manager programme is also completely scalable so every manager in your organisation can start their own STAR® Manager journey without any extra effort, and when every team in your organisation steps up, the results are truly transformational.

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