Gallup Report Says ‘Give up Bossing, Take Up Coaching: You’ll Like the Results.’

What took so long?

The Gallup report found that employees want their managers to be coaches, not bosses but whilst some managers know how to coach, others need to be taught. It also concluded that coaching is the big difference between great managers and adequate ones.

This is what we’ve been shouting about for more than two decades and why we’ve been working with our clients around the world to build coaching capability in their leadership teams.


This idea of a Leader as Coach rather than taskmaster is at the centre of Notion’s ‘Operational CoachingTM approach; we share exactly how you can adopt this style of leadership in both our workshop based programmes (via zoom or face-to-face) and in our revolutionary 100% virtual, award-winning, management development programme STAR® Manager.

If you like results - we can give you results!

All of our programmes typically deliver 5-100 times return on investment and our client organisations consistently report positive shifts in creativity, innovation, performance, productivity and employee engagement, as well as a whole host of other benefits within just a few months of the programme.

During the current crisis, 50 different organisations, going through our STAR® Manager programme have achieved an incredible 33 times ROI on average per learner.

And because most of our programmes can be delivered just as effectively on a virtual platform and come with Level 3, 4, 5 and 7 qualifications, anyone undertaking our programmes can build the new skills they’ll need to prevail during these challenging times, generate great results that will help with the bounce back and gain prestigious qualifications that will give their careers a boost when they most need it.

Don’t forget, we’ve been leading this space for over 20 years, so, if you want to give up bossing and take up coaching as the Gallup report suggests isn’t it time you checked us out?

What have you got to lose?

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