STAR® Coach Practitioner - Driving Success at University of Exeter!

Following employee feedback in our Employee Engagement Survey and our ongoing commitment to support our academic and Professional Services employees to thrive we are seeking ways to develop managers to improve their coaching skills. We believe that developing a coaching style of communication will play an important role in developing people and support employees to be the best they can be.
We have partnered with Notion to deliver their STAR® Coach programme and are delighted to be able to offer 10 places, each year, to individuals across colleges and professional services who are interested in their own development and who will support the university to find development options that are leading edge and innovative.
The annual programme will run for 12 weeks from October. All learners on the Notion STAR® Coach Programme will be given access to the online content so they can work through the programme at their own pace. Learners will have continued access to the online content for the full 12 week period and can repeat modules as many times as they like, and also continue to attend the Live Learning Stations even after they have completed the formal aspects of the programme to consolidate their learning.
We are inviting applications from Academic Leads and HoDs, PS Heads/Assistant Heads of Department or those with substantial line management responsibility and large portfolios.
This programme is aligned to key University strategies and initiatives.
  • Encourages the use of coaching skills and style to support students and others
  • Integral to our leadership and management development plan
  • Supports the Exeter Academic Programme
  • Supports our HR and People Development strategy
  • Supports the Positive Working Environment Programme
There is an opportunity for two of the top-performing delegates from each cohort to progress onto Notion's Accredited Internal Coach (AIC) programme.
Notion's Accredited Internal Coach (AIC) programme combines all the best of the ILM7 Qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring with a pragmatic approach. The AIC programme can transform careers, deliver outstanding ROI for your organisation and can be upgraded into a full ILM7 qualification.
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How do I apply?!

If you would like to apply to join the STAR® Coach Practitioner programme, please click on the button below to complete a short application form. Applications will be open from 1st June until mid-July 2020, with successful applicants starting their programme at the beginning of October. Applications will be assessed and the final list of 10 participants will be selected to ensure representation of Colleges / Professional Services across grades and job families.

What is STAR® Coach Practitioner?

Your programme is made up of 10 interactive learning modules plus a 90 minute live Tutor session in a small group with 2-3 other learners on the programme.

You'll also be invited to join your Tutors on Live Learning Stations which they run every fortnight to answer any questions you have. You can join as many of these as you'd like to and each one lasts an hour.

STAR Coach Practitioner Whats Included

How does the programme work?

The STAR® Coach Practitioner programme is made up of a series of workplace missions each set up by a short module of online learning and then followed by a guided reflection exercise to tease out new insights and embed the learning.

Prepare - Do - Review! - these 3 simple steps are all that’s needed to keep your learning journey on track and help you complete each module of your programme.

Prepare - at the beginning of each module we’ll introduce you to the core concepts you’ll need to understand to carry out your Mission

Do - in each module you are given a workplace Mission, to be completed as part of your normal working day, to put into practice concepts that will transform your interactions with others

Review - at the end of each Mission you’ll be asked to reflect upon its success, identify the benefits it brought you and how taking this approach can help you again in the future You will need to block out time in your diary each week for these 3 steps! Committing to a couple of half-hour slots a week will see you power through the programme! Act now, get out your diary and set aside the time required to achieve success!

How will the programme help me?

Plan to succeed!

Learners progress through their programme best when they set aside blocks of time in their diaries to help keep them on track.
You need to be prepared to commit to a couple of 30 minute blocks a week to complete the programme across a 12 week period.
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Get off to a great start:

STAR Coach-Getting Started Graphic
STAR Timescales Table
You can manage the programme around your other commitments. If you have a busy week - you won’t miss anything, you can simply pick up from where you left off by adding a little bit of extra time into the next few weeks to stay on track.

What support will I get?

You’ll be able to download tools as you work through the programme and also receive helpful hints and tips by email.
If you ever get stuck on a particular subject or need an answer to a burning question, then you can join the optional fortnightly Live Learning Stations with a Notion Tutor. Here you’ll get the opportunity to have your questions answered, as well as hearing and discussing questions from your fellow learners.
Our dedicated Client Success Team are standing by ready to assist you with any queries and also to support you throughout your journey. You can contact them on +44 (0)1926 298 585, Monday-Friday between 08:30 - 17:30 (UK time) or email them on at any time.

"Our mission is your success!"


What happens when I complete?

When you complete the programme there will also be the opportunity for 2 members of your Cohort to continue the learning and become Accredited Internal Coaches within the organisation. This will entail completing a further 10 modules within the STAR® Manager programme, plus attending a 2-day workshop in the Midlands. If this is of interest to you, please discuss with the HR team.

How about a sneak peek?!

STAR® in The Words of Other Learners at

University of Exeter

"The effectiveness of working with [international] colleagues led to an additional contract to provide academic advice for their research into education for the next two years. Two year extension contract - £30,000 per year"
"Greater research team collaboration = more successful fellowships - Each fellowship is worth £300,000"
"I find 1-to-1s much more useful and look forward to them now - it used to be the worst part of my job."
"Running through my first full STAR® model coaching conversation was a huge success for me and has shown me how far I have come from the start of the programme."
"This course has changed the way I listen to colleagues by making me stop and really pay attention rather than trying to solve the problem before they have finished speaking.r"
"I am using a totally different approach to supporting my direct reports - asking coaching questions regularly to empower them to identify ways of solving problems and challenges."
"This programme is transformational. I admit I didn't understand how it could make such a difference at the beginning of the process, but I have seen changes in myself as a researcher and in my ability to manage others. I actually enjoy work a lot more, because I feel like I have the power and the confidence to take responsibility for what I'm doing. I look forward to sharing that feeling with others"
"Having adopted more of a coaching style to managing the team, I now spend less time directing them in their individual tasks and continually answering questions and problem solving by encouraging them to take ownership of their work and think through their solutions. This allows me more time to spend on things that specifically require my attention, including the development of new projects and collaborations and developing future direction and strategy"
"A students limiting belief about not being good at methods was challenged. We agreed to try an animation software that was free of charge to come up with a game that can be used as a task for the study. Student did an excellent job that saved us money to buy expensive test software - £800,000"
"I feel my meetings are becoming more focused and outcome driven. I'm trying to encourage others to problem solve through a coaching style, rather than me coming up with the solutions. I'm learning to pause and check myself more and think of the outcomes of how I approach interactions before I commence. I've had some positive feedback from staff about being understanding in situations."

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