L&D – This is Not the Time to Bite Off More than you can Chew

For those organisations who weren’t already configured around a remote working model, the impact of social distancing caused by the coronavirus crisis has thrown normal working practices up in the air.

Many business functions continue to be managed from home, where the technology allows it, meaning that people forced to work remotely will have to get used to conducting business and communicating and collaborating in a very different way. 

But what does this mean for L&D?

Whether or not managers have the skills to work in this new way may be the difference between success and failure however when all live training is cancelled and investment confidence in future training is at an all-time low, how can L&D prevent this essential learning from falling off the agenda altogether?

As an L&D expert you may feel compelled to start creating your own learning content that you can deliver on a virtual platform to offset the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on your live training programmes, but here’s the challenge: could you confidently say that you have the specialist skills in learning technology that would enable you to integrate sophisticated, thoroughly researched and tested blends of learning theory and cognitive psychology onto a virtual platform almost overnight?

This would be a tall order for even the most experienced of learning technologists and quite frankly this is not the right time for you to bite off more than you can chew. 

So before you rush down this path, pause for a moment and seriously consider if what you’re about to embark on will really add value in the long run. Will it be sufficient to help your organisation survive and bounce back with confidence after the threat has passed?

Outsource technical delivery and focus on what’s important

Wouldn’t it be better to outsource the technical aspect of delivery so that you can undertake the absolutely critical role of advocating, supporting and underpinning the learning?

By championing products such as Notion’s revolutionary and award-winning STAR® Manager programme, you can deliver a world-class, 100% virtual, fully blended, out of the box management development solution that can be implemented immediately and integrated in a way that meets your organisation’s objectives.

Integrate learning technology in a truly flexible way

STAR® Manager’s incredible flexibility gives you the ability to choose how you can use it to add the greatest value to your learning proposition. For example, you can:

* Wrap It

You can choose to wrap your own bespoke management and leadership development programmes around STAR® Manager. This way you can deliver your bespoke elements via virtual workshops and webinars, for example, at various points of the programme, such as a great launch event, a midpoint activity and a final wrap up activity, whilst using the STAR® modules to provide your core content. This option has already been used successfully by the London School of Economics as part of their LSE Manager programme.

* Buy it

STAR® Manager can be used as the perfect stand-alone solution for your management development needs and is even described as ‘better than a live programme’. It has already proven to deliver transformational change in management behaviours that results in massive uplifts in commercial performance and has contributed to the success of many change programmes. The average results from over 50 businesses currently using STAR® in this way is running at 33 x ROI – would these results make you a rock star in your organisation?

* Include it

You can add STAR® Manager as a fully blended online module in your current leadership programme to give your management team the Operational CoachingTM skills that will help them achieve all of their other learning objectives.

Whether you want to Buy it, Wrap it or Include it, STAR® Manager gives you the technical delivery tools you need to respond to the current crisis and importantly helps you to drive the behaviour change needed to help people to thrive and contribute at a high level while you focus on supporting the business through these dark times.


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