Getting Back into the Learning Habit

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James Picking from Morgan Stanley shares his story of how he's got back into his learning habit in the hope that it will inspire you.


We’ve all been busy recently, there have been plenty of “ready-made” excuses for deprioritising things, letting (good) habits lapse and acquiring new (bad) ones.

You may relate to this one...

I lost the regular exercise habit which I’d carefully built around my old routine. Yes, my waistline was paying the price of working from home.

I felt guilty about it – How could I have let my fitness slip? I worried about starting again – because that would prove just how unfit I had become...

But I also knew that continuing to put it off wouldn’t make things any easier. Time to get back on that horse (or bike in my case...).

Now I am back in the habit. Yes, it’s been painful, but kind of fun. And my clothes are starting to fit me again. So the positive results are reinforcing the new habit.


And so it was the same with my Notion STAR® Manager programme...

If I’m honest, I'd got out of the habit a little before the Covid-19 crisis, though that provided a convenient excuse.

But I still felt guilty. Notion training was on my to-do list, getting shuffled around, reprioritised, but not actually done.

I recognised a coachable moment and asked myself: “What’s really going on here?

I worried about starting again, would I even remember my login? What was the last mission I completed?

So, I climbed back into the “Rocket” with trepidation... and it wasn’t that bad after all. Yes, I had to go back a couple of steps, but I also realised that I'd actually been practising some of the techniques, and had gained some valuable insights to complete my latest mission and learning log.

I hadn’t completely lost the habit after all.

So now the guilt is gone and I am enjoying being back in the learning habit.

If you’ve lost the habit too, don’t be too hard on yourself. Ask “What’s one step I could take to get myself back on track?

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