Awesome Advice from Other STAR® Learners

We asked learners at different stages of their STAR® Manager journey what advice they would give to people who want to get the most out of their programme.

Here’s what they said…

  • Practice the New Tools on a Daily Basis

“I’ve loved doing the STAR® Manager programme. It’s given me the chance to really gain insights about what I know about coaching and then get some new learning and new tools and go away and practice it on a day to day basis.” 

  • Take Advantage of the Live Sessions with your Tutors 

“What really excited me is that STAR® Manager combines the convenience of online learning with the depth that you get from working with a real business coach and the benefits of applying that learning directly back into the workplace.” 

“I really enjoyed doing the programme. I think the most value I got was the real-life interaction. Do more of the learning stations – I was always a bit scared to do those but I did one the other week and I thought ‘oh this is really really good’.”

“If you engage with the learning stations I think you’ll get so much out of those”

  • Take One Bite at a Time

“The bite-sized pieces of learning which can then be applied back in the workplace immediately was really important.”

  • Notice the Results – Record them in the Success Tracker

“Seeing the results has been the biggest value. It’s been really motivational to see the growth.”

“It’s really helped me to understand and believe that everyone can change and change for the better. I’ve learned some really great open questions that have helped me to reset the way that I interact with my managers.”

  • Block Out Some Time Every Week – Just 30 minutes at a time

“Blocking out a certain amount of time every week really really helped because you can do relatively small chunks of the learning in half an hour here and there. I would say book out some time and that will really help you to focus on it.”

  • Do Your Missions

“As you start, you quickly understand how the dynamics of each of the missions work. You can draw from your previous experience as well as the things that are happening ‘in the moment’ and you can push it along – you really can!”

  • Remember Why You’re Doing It

“Look around you and ask: ‘Do you think this culture has to change?’ If the answer to that is yes, really go for it and complete your coaching course because YOU can be part of the solution.”

  • Enjoy the Range of Activities 

“I’ve never been a fan of online training but STAR® Manager has really changed my opinion because of the way it’s presented and because of the mixture of videos and things to read and interactive things to do.”

  • Keep Checking In

“To reinforce learning, keep going back, check-in again; I’ve got to know the people on the programme, their characters, they’re great, they feel like my tutors.”

  • Keep Going

“Keep going. I think that at some points you can feel like you’ve got a lot left to accomplish but actually you can get through quite a lot if you dedicate the time. It’s worthwhile when you get the chance to practice in real-life situations.”

“Persevere and find the time wherever you can because if you complete all the different stages of STAR® you are going to get back a richer understanding of the full thing, not just part of it. The ability to do the practice at the end will reaffirm everything you’ve learned along the journey.”

Don’t forget, if you need any advice or support simply hop on to a learning station, read our blog, or contact a member of your client success team at or call us on +44(0)1926 889 885. We’re always happy to help.

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